Gal Gang

Gal Gang

MERAKI took the world by storm after their first album - Babes in Wonderland, dropped! Now preparing and practicing for the NORTH AMERICAN tour, the girls have some bonding time to finally (and truly) come together. Watch out for this one, listeners, the American, Czech and Canadian combination group is a forced to be reckoned with. I mean, have you heard their female-pumping, confidence-boosting tunes? They're almost enough to make everyone think about why all of our President's have been male. I said /almost/... let's see what these young girls have in them!
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓
☽ ☾ ☿ ◐ ♅ ⚳ ☊ ϟ ☢ ☣ ☠ ☃ ↺ ↻ ⋆〤
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♭


Lead Singer / Electric Violinist - Juvie Dvoracek
Vocals / Keyboardist - Carmen Nilsen
Guitarist - Jane Hedley
Drummer - Hadley Myers
Manager - Heather Wilcox
Bassist - Zoë Sorenson
Photographer - Eliza Fitzgibbons (npc)
Sound Gal - Louise Collins (npc)
Producer - Mayer Brinley-West (npc)
◐ Popularity:

◐ Band Formation:
Who formed the band?
When did they form?
◐ Tour Dates:
Washington, Seattle
Oregon, Portland
California (2 seperated), San Francisco
Nevada, Las Vegas
California (2 seperated), Los Angeles
Utah, Salt Lake City
Colorado, Denver
Arizona, Phoenix
New Mexico, Alburquerque
Texas - (2 in a row) Dallas, Houston, Austin
Louisiana, New Orleans
Alabama, Tuscaloosa
Florida - (3 in a row) Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville
Georgia, Atlanta
North Carolina, Charlotte
Tennessee - (3 in a row) Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville
Washington D.C.
Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
Vermont, Burlington
Maine, Portland
Canada, Montreal
Canada, Toronto
Michigan, Detroit
New York (2 separated), Buffalo
Ohio - (2 in a row) Columbus, Cleveland
Rhode Island, Providence
Conneticut, New Haven
New York (2 separated), New York City

- Meraki: (v) to do something with soul, creativity, or love; to put something of yourself into your work.

age: 19
origin: Long Island, New York
position in band: drummer
model: Freya Mavor
age: 18
origin: Prague, Czech Republic
position in band: Vocals and Electric Violin
public name: Juvie Dek
collection: currently in drafts
model: Zhenya Katava
age: 17
origin: Belfry, Kentucky
position in band: Vocals and Keyboardist
model: Nastya Kusakina
age: 18
origin: Ontario, Canada
position in band: guitarist
model: Montana Cox
age: 33
origin: San Francisco, CA
position in band: Manager
model: Olivia Wilde
- Calum Hood
21 | Bassist in 5 Seconds of Summer
(Calum Hood)
⠀⠀〤Emden, age
Ex-"boy toy," actor
{Nate Gill}
⠀⠀〤Chas, age
Quiet and laid-back band videographer
{Miles McMillan}
♂ Maxwell Jacoby
26 || Director and Actor
(coming soon)
♂ Sebastian Parker
19 || Roadie and Aspiring Actor
(coming soon)
-Wes Vonchella
35 // Husband of 5 years and semi-high maintenance, trust fund baby, and pseudo-actor
(Jake Gyllenhaal)
xx Insert Name Here
20 || Girlfriend of 2 years, unofficial personal chef for band and prank player
-Wendella "Wen" Costane
49 | Oceanographer and Yoga Instructor
She's laid-back and will not think twice before renting an RV or hula dancing.
(Lisa Kudrow)
-Jeremiah Myers
50 | Marine Biologist
He's like a hip surfer dad, well at least he thinks he's "hip."
(Matthew McConaughey)
-Jackson Myers
16 | Twin #1
It's almost like he's surfed so much that the salt water sopped up his brain matter.
(Soli Bailey)
-Lilian "Lil" Myers
16 | Twin #2
The anarchist with a hiking love who aspires to be like her sister, aside from the music.
(Britt Robertson)
-Wesley "Wes" Myers
25 | College Architect Graduate
He just really likes designing tree houses.
(Boyd Holbrook)
⠀⠀〤TATA || Name, age
--- coming soon
{Michael Fassbender}
⠀⠀〤MATKA || Name, age
--- coming soon
{Marion Cotillard}
⠀⠀〤BRATR || Name, age
--- coming soon
{Asa Butterfield}
⠀⠀〤STRYC || Name, age
--- coming soon
{Jon Kortajarena}
♂ Father || 40 (Bradley Cooper)
♀ Mother || 40 (Christina Hendricks)
♀ Aunt || 38 (Jessica Chastain)
♀ Older Sister || 22 (Gage Golightly)
♂ Older Brother || 22 (Alexander Ludwig)
♂ Older Brother || 19 (Cameron Monaghan)
♀ Older Sister || 18 (Halston Sage)
Husband [see love interests]
Tori Vonchella // 11 // Daughter // Kaia Jordan Gerber
Roger Wilcox // 68 // Father // Liam Neeson
Terra Wilcox // 63 // Mother // Jaclyn Smith
Briana Wilcox-Cruise // 40 // Older Sister // Emily Blunt
Wren Wilcox // 33 // Younger Brother // Ryan Reynolds
Tom Cruise // 53 // Brother In-law // Tom Cruise



a tiny private roleplay created by spacelava on 08.10.2016

The Vulgar T-Shirt Society

The Vulgar T-Shirt Society

Based off of Girls, The Last Days of Disco, Workaholics, Love, How To Make It In America, Appropriate Behavior, Skins, SATC, & You're the Worst... but mainly Girls.
❝ I can’t be surrounded by your negativity while I’m trying to grow into a fully formed woman. ❞
— Shoshanna (S02 x E10)
❝ I live for the nights that I can't remember, with the people that I won't forget. ❞
— Drake
After one of the wildest parties ever at a warehouse in Brooklyn, these four girls formed an unbreakable bond by taking an ecstasy fueled journey through the streets of New York. This bond led to the purchasing of an apartment and of course a friendship for life or just until one of these friends steals your boyfriend and you don't really give a sh/t about "chicks before d/cks". I guess you could call this "welcome to the life of a girl in her mid-twenties who likes to drink and sucks at life", but we'll just call it Girls for now.
Rules etc.
⇨ Of course it goes without saying, the typical rules: no godmodding, mary sues, or external drama, also try and keep things in the realm of reality, this isn't a fantasy/sci-fi themed group so no magical powers and what not
⇨ Activity: The way this group works is kind of different from other groups, being a smaller group and its origins coming mainly from television I had this idea of an ongoing write whenever you'd like group where we write "episode by episode". This means that some character plot lines should intersect and since they're roommates each person's story should at least mention or touch on the others while the main focus is still on their character of course. Also note that each person's story should take place on a different day unless otherwise noted in the "events" section.
⇨ Events: Continuing what was just brought up above, each month there will be a new set of events noted, these events will mostly be parties or social gatherings that all of the girls are supposed to attend (meaning everyone should write a little something about what their character is up to pertaining to this event, this can be individual or "popcorn" style... discussion dependent)
⇨ Characters:
- Playable / Main Cast: Each member will have their own character to write for. All I can say is create a character you'd like to write for and not only that you can develop and create plot lines around her through writing. There are only a few guidelines that I have to mention, other than that she can be whoever/however you'd like her. These guidelines are: between the ages of 22 and 26, female, and employed (they all have to pitch in to pay rent and what not... so they should have something to help pay the bills).
Models: The usual; no site models, disney, youtube, etc.
- Nonplayable / Supporting Cast: Since this is small, no caps for anything and one person's npc can have a plot with someone else (if agreed upon by members) since they will likely meet at some point. There will be a npc master list and that will be where we can sort that. As for models, for characters who aren't necessarily that important they can have the same model, but love interests and important friends/co-workers should probably have different models since it's a small group.
⇨ Setting: We will discuss where the apartment is and what not, but the primary setting is New York City.
⇨ Content: If you've ever seen any of the shows this is inspired by then there is no need for this, anything goes.
⇨ Message Summer (@westward-blonde) if there's a problem and if you've got questions, you can ask in the announcements or pm me of course.
● Gillian Blanchard ●
●Girl #2
●Girl #3
●Girl #4
Audition Format
First Middle Last Name, Age
Education: -just like how much (K-12 + Higher Ed.) and then what college they attended (if any) and what degree did they obtain (if any)
Reason at Party:
About: -So many questions and stuff to do, you don’t have to give a long a s s bio if you don't want. Just some sentences to sum her up-

Friends: -aside from group-
Love Interests: -past, present, future-
Roommates: -group members-

Tattoos + Piercings:
Sexual Orientation:
Goals / Future Plans: -just a few would be good-
Facts + Headcanons (at least 5)
TV Shows:

Are you a messy or clean roommate?
Do you feel you contribute equally to the group?
If you were an animal what would you be?
What are the last 5 played songs on your IPod?
Care to tell a party story?
Social Media
Taken By:
created 07/01/16 (3:14 PM PST)
title taken from a bar joke.



a murder mystery set in boarding school created by @spacelava on 08.08.2016 with help from @min-t
Just outside of South Burlington lies Everdeen Academy, an independent boarding and day school for girls in grades 9-12. With its rich educational tradition, Everdeen Academy dates back to 1921, when Charlotte F. Everdeen founded the school.
Its mission is to prepare a diverse and talented comunity of young women to thrive and lead in a global society through a dedication to academic excellence, personal integridy and community responsibility. These young women are artists, atheletes, computer programmers, engineers, musicians and physicists, often at the same time.
They are thinkers, they are our future, the are invincible for the moment, and for now, what they don't know won't kill them... or will it?
RULES; 1. This is a High Fashion Role Play, so the usual HF rules apply.
2.This is a story related roleplay. So if you prefer comment roleplays, this group might not be the one for you.
3. There will be monthly events. We are aware that people are fairly busy with school, university, real life stuff and work, so I am not going to push it. But, it will be nice if people are active and eventually catch up with events and etc.
4. No godmodding. Make sure your characters interact with each other. Write stories together, collaborate but don’t use others’ characters without their permission.
5. Tag everyone in your sets.
6. Drama always plays an important role. Just make sure that it stays in the roleplay.
7. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask the mod.
8. And most importantly have fun!

1. Other than the three characters (Denise, Natasha and Cassandra) no one else knows that Laurel Hawthorne has been murdered.
2. Not everyone is 'obsessed' with Laurel's sudden departure. Some might raise brows, but others would just not care and move on with their lives.
3. Everyone is a suspect, whether they know it or not.
4. Keep an eye on the relationships your chosen character has with others (ex. close friends, roommates etc). It will be your decision whether you want your character to nurture those relationships or ruin them.
5. Your characters ARE allowed on having OTHER love interests other than the ones they are given.
6. In time, the truth will surface. But until then, Laurel Hawthorne is studying abroad in France and reconciling with her estranged mother.
☽Name, age
full name:
date of birth:
star sign:
core classes:
personality traits:
relationship with Laurel Hawthorne:
top three:
important people:
social media:

[hcaa] helena contine academy of arts -- a roleplay group

[hcaa] helena contine academy of arts -- a roleplay group

~ an original idea by @pathetic-excuses, started on tuesday thirteenth october, twenty fifteen ~
welcome to the helena contine academy of arts [hcaa]. we are the most prestigious academy you will find in and around central london, and there will be little to no argument from anyone you meet around the place. we don't just have anyone enrol here, and there are extensive tests that we're sure you're aware of seeing as your daughter or son has undergone. it is our absolute pleasure to inform you that your son or daughter has in fact surpassed the high standard for the academy, and is being offered a place on the programme of their choice.
being an arts academy, we're expecting a level of creativity within every student, and this has been shown through your son or daughter's application. this high standard is only expected to increase once enrolment is complete and classes begin. of course, we will not expect your son or daughter to be working all the time, but a certain amount on tutor/student contact time is necessary to pass the students in their relevant exams.
thank you very much for submitting your child to become a student at the academy, and we cannot wait to meet them.
yours sincerely,
ms. evelyn abbott. (headmistress)
i must say, old eve does go on a bit. my name's kelly, and i'm your head girl for this year. i'm very much looking forward to meet you all, especially considering this is in fact my last year here. i know some of you are joining different years and that's fine, you'll all be very welcome here.
so essentially, what i'm here to do is help you pass your studies, and listen to your worries, dreams and hopes. and of course, get you in with some kind of social group and help you out with your social life a little! i tend to call them cliques, because it can sometimes get quite catty, but that's just how it is, loves. i'd warn you now, abandon all hope at the gates, kids, because you're not in for an easy ride whatsoever. you'll need a lot of luck with keeping on top of work and having a good social life, but i'm sure we can sort something out!
i'll see you around campus. if you need anything, you'll know who i am. tall, bombshell blonde, usually wearing heels? don't worry. i'm not exactly unknown around here.
i. no godmodding.
ii. making your own characters is not currently allowed. please choose from the premades collection.
iii. you can have only one character so far. this may change.
iv. you can either do story roleplaying, or paragraph. or both. it's up to you.
v. be polite to other members, keep drama within the roleplay.
vi. as this is a high fashion rpg, please refrain from using hollister, a&f etc.
vii. stay active. there will be a compulsory set once a week, if you fail to post for your character 3 times, you'll be contacted.
viii. you must have permission to use other people's characters in your stories.
ix. auditions must be completed on time
x. mods word is final.

x auditions do NOT need to be doll sets. i love doll sets as much as the next girl, but i'm well aware they're stressful af. so don't worry.
x fill in ALL the sections, including the [top three] section, or your audition will be void. (for those that don't understand, there will be a template put up to help you with the more high fashion audition forms, though i think you'll be fine.)
x make sure they're complete for the deadline, or again, they will be void. (unless you contact me requesting an extension for any reason.)

x audition form template with notes -
x example audition -
x 'how to collab' set -


[helpful links]

x playables -
x non-playables - (coming after auditions)
x locations - (soon)
x academy history - (soon)
x events - (coming after auditions)
x school 'notice board' (group account) - @helena-contine

[lbf] les belles femmes -- a roleplay group

[lbf] les belles femmes -- a roleplay group

Once upon a time, there lived 9 young women, desperate to find their place in the Roleplay World. They tossed and turned each night, dreaming of the best and worst Roleplay ideas, all the while forgetting the other 8 girls around them. They went days, weeks, months begging for the best ideas to just fly into their heads, and one day... It did.
And so, they jumped. Through the door, one by one, the beautiful women jumped into the unknown. Unbeknownst to them, they would never return to their former lives, but would become their own characters, travelling their way through the story lines decided by fate [or, you know, each other.] And then? When all else failed, and their story finished, they all jumped right into a new one, just as riveting as the last. They were finally able to keep interested in their Roleplays. The nine women swore to each other from that day forward, that not another boring plot would be pushed forward. Ever.
So, this is the general gist of the group;
One by one, each member will come up with a concept for a Roleplay. Everyone else will chip in and make that idea really great, developing the initial plot posed by the main writer. Then, we Roleplay out that idea until it dies. When it dies, we switch to a new one, with new characters, keeping hold of our old ones just in case we need them later on. And it keeps going like that.
Story or Comment Based?; Either/Both. That can be discussed later.
Specific Genres?; Romance, Sci Fi, Horror, Comedy, Tragedy, whatever. It's up to you.
Male/Female Characters?; Whatever you want. Not a problem.
Sexual Orientation?; Any. We don't discriminate.
Age?; Not a problem, just go for whatever you feel like.
sinead -- @apathie -- emilia clarke
marija -- @spacelava -- camille rowe
kels -- @huntxr -- kate bogucharskaia
summer -- @westward-blonde -- candice swanepoel
kristin -- @buffykdh -- ana kendrick
gabby -- @pommepadour -- kiko mizuhara
sophie -- @plein-de-vie -- maartje verhoef
kileigh -- @min-t -- hailey clauson
annie -- @uncreatively -- xiao wen ju
?? -- @klaus-seance-hargreeves -- ??
vanessa -- @vexful -- ??



( a collaborative group )
"We made a deal ages ago. Men, babies, it doesn't matter. We're Soulmates."
― Candace Bushnell , Sex and the City
"Being a Mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you've gained from having one"
― Unknown

Loosely Based off the film "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and the friendships of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda

"We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason."
We all began as a family ― sisters and cousins and in-laws ― and then there were our friends : but in the end, our friends became family & our family became friends.
In a quaint ( cozy ) diner nestled in the chaos of New York City, we were christened the "New Mom's Club" when squalling newborns, curious toddlers, and glowing mothers became a fixture at our weekly Sunday brunches.


Guidelines :
1. There are NO scheduled monthly events ; we will all TRY to publish a set when we can, or at least publish an update on our characters ( media set , instagram update , etc )
2. There will be NO "Story Up Later, Comment for Inclusion"
3. READ and COMMENT on each other's set ― We all have 5 minutes to read a story!
4. Keep your character DIVERSE! There can only be / so many / happily married couples with 2.5 children + an UES penthouse ― play a lesbian couple going through infertility, a couple going through adoption, heck even play a midwife! ( need an idea, PM me! )

When You're Expecting ( Audition Process )
― Auditions are : by Invitation / Application Only
― Create a character and use the following format
name :
age : ( between 23 - 30 )
birthday :
hometown :
neighborhood : ( be DIFFERENT )
likes :
dislikes :
graduated from :
occupation :
style :
model :
biography :
what to expect when she's expecting :
relationships :
― Please think of a character you hope to write LONG TERM for : find inspiration, bounce ideas with fellow members, do what you do best


"There's no such thing as ready. You just jump on a moving train and you try not to die."
― What to Expect When you're Expecting
@withlovekirsten writes for Autumn
@lemonade-lagoon writes for Katrina
@wakeupfarah writes for Samira
@sarahstardom writes for Marielle
@vogueapparel writes for Harper
@stars-and-moon writes for Marty
@spacelava writes for Carter
@etchashetchinlola writes for Rocky
@nifty-nikki writes for Marley



Where can you find the most eclectic group of people?
Quick answer: College
More specifically? Dartmouth.
Kileigh's Characters -
❋ PIPER , 20
junior | the shy photographer with an obsession with Shakespeare that she doesn't act on
→ that girl who runs around with a Polaroid camera, obsessing over Shakespeare
double major: Architecture and Art History
minor: English
model: Ali Michael
TBA, 21
senior | mister charmer
→ The arrogant rich boy from England who has more substance than you thought
Major: Business
Minor: History
Model: Reece King
Summer's Characters -

❋ TAMSIN MALLOY, 18 (from The Media Club)
freshman | probably wears a tinfoil hat when she's alone.
→ tba
major: tba
minor: tba
model: Valeriia Karaman
❋ STEVIE ACKER, 20 (from Who You Gonna Ring?)
junior | tba
→ tba
major: tba
minor: tba
model: Misha Hart
❋ ALONA SALERNO, 18 (from Flight 316)
freshman | tba
→ tba
major: art history
minor: tba
model: Josfeine Sevenningsen
❋ AMELIE JACQUES, 21 (from The Media Club)
senior | foreign exchange with a lot more to her than you might at first think.
→ she's stupid, to put it lightly. really naive, really trusting of everyone, doesn't help herself at all.
major: art
minor: photography
model: Crystal Reed

❋ LOLA EMERSON, 21 (from Les Belles Femmes)
senior | the one girl nobody really likes, and doesn't even like herself.
→ she's having an affair with one of the older professors, and basically wants him for his money. that is all.
major: fashion design
minor: photography
model: Holland Roden
Emma's Characters -

freshman | the new kid
faceclaim: Nina Dobrev
born: 10 October, 1996 || Emiliya Georgieva Danielova in Sofia, Bulgaria
height: 5'6"
hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria || Alexandria, Virginia, US
occupation: Student, Call Girl, Aspiring Author
sophomore | the newly rich artist
faceclaim: Nathaniel Buzolic
sophomore | sweeter than sugar
faceclaim: Jenna Coleman
junior | wears skinny jeans that are blacker than his soul
faceclaim: Matt Smith
➢ FIONA RYAN, 18 | Pitch Perfect
Freshman | That one shy girl with the big voice
➝ Naive and spoiled sweet, herded into Pre-Law by her overbearing parents when all she wants to do is sing
major: officially undeclared, but she’s going the pre-law route
minor: political science
model: Anais Pouliot
ONE. Welcome to campus! Spend your day settling in, meeting or re-meeting your roommate and getting acquainted with the Dartmouth campus! Get comfortable in your dorm rooms and head to the quad for a look at your classes!
TWO. Freshmen retreat: freshmen are split into groups to go on a three-day long retreat of hiking, kayaking and camping. The sophomores, juniors and seniors run it (mainly if they're in the outing club but if not, they're always looking for help!)
❋ Group One:
-- freshmen: Hedwige Winters, Alona Salnero, Fiona Ryan
--sophomores: Courtney Mercer, James Saxon
-- juniors: Piper, Stevie Acker, Cathy Sebold, Sullivan
-- seniors: Devon Beato, -, Amelie Jacques
❋ Group Two:
-- freshmen: Amelia Daniels, Kitty Pryce, Tamsin Malloy
--sophomores: Maria Sawyer
-- juniors: Henry Puffen, Evie Mulberry, Dominic Zuccerman
-- seniors: Sarryn Whitehawk, Lola Emerson, Connor Rutherford
THREE. Back to campus + two hours to get ready for Head's Dinner, the first of many nights where the who student body comes to hear the head master, Regina Laws, speak and dine.
FOUR. Head to your first day of classes. (Most likely two or three classes)
FIVE. CLUB FAIR! All of the clubs and organizations have set up a table on the quad, go round, socialize, join a ton and have fun!
SIX. Fraternity, Psi Upsilon, is hosting their first bash of the year... this is supposed to "slay" you all. The theme? Welcome to the jungle.
SEVEN. Sports Game - Dartmouth vs Cornell football. Get ready and put your Big Green pride on display.



When you dreamed of living in the greatest city in the world, aka New York City, you most certainly didn’t expect to be living in a crappy apartment building with an even crappier apartment and the crappiest neighbors. You wanted to live your live lavishly, in cheer luxury and that New York City glamour. You wanted to drink good coffee and eat in fancy restaurants and meet the love of your life in the middle of Times Square just as the crowd was counting down the seconds to New Year.
But life isn’t a cheap romantic comedy. Life is cruel in the most realistic manner. Especially life in The City. Instead of fun and lively neighbors, you are stuck with the loudest, grumpiest and perverted ones. You constantly find your land lord going through your mail and instead of eating in fancy restaurants you survive on dollar pizzas.
The only uplifting thing about your life is probably the cat you own but can’t afford to feed and those stupid rooftop parties the hipster that lives above you has a tendency to throw. And it’s exactly on one of those parties, when you will begin to realize that your neighbors might not be as bad as you thought. That they are trying to survive this jungle of a town as much as you are.
Welcome to New York. Where the best pizza is only one dollar and you survive solely on free samples.
Audition sample:
coming soon
The Neighbors:
It's been almost a year since I created one of my favorite characters Mary Willard. And after reading some of the drafts I have made for her story I decided to actually sit down and finish her story because she is important for me.


— (18-30)








x — x

{ family }


x — x

{ other important relationships }




x — x

{ appearance }










x — x

{ biography }

x — x

{ personality }







x — x

{ extras }








I mean you probably already know the basic roleplay rules but here they are agian.
+ Be respectful towards each other and keep the drama within the roleplay i.e between your characters
+ You can use models/actors. But not Disney, Nickolodeon you know the drill.
+ This will mostly be a collab roleplay where there won't be many events. Collabs between the members are greatly encouraged.
+ Try to make your characters as diverse and different as possible. Create a challenge for yourself. More challenging things are more fun to write!

+ Pick the character you think you'll have most fun writing about.
+ Fill in the audition form.
+ Write a story about things that have happened to your character in one day. How they felt, what they saw etc.





created on 17/11/2015 by @spacelava aka maria

Coast Is Excellent {CIE}

Coast Is Excellent {CIE}

- a collaborative roleplay group -
"Living in a small town, I knew everybody. And everybody knew me."
― Anna Nicole Smith


Welcome to Bar Harbor, Maine.
Located in Mount Dear Island, our small quaint town is known for its stunning coastal beauty, its many yachts and lobster boats, and its view of islands and ocean in settings that can range from glistening sunlight to thick fog and mist.
It slows our lives down so we may appreciate nature and the relationships with those whom we love even more.
This is a community where people live in harmony with the land in which they live.
Bar Harbor is a lifestyle, an aspiration, and a very special place to be.


1) This will be a ‘write whenever you can’ group. No pressure on publishing stories. You are welcome to write as often or as little as you can. There are no scheduled events or calendar of activities unless agreed upon by the mods.
2-a) Characters – Since this is a small town, everyone should know or be related to each other. This will hopefully eliminate the ‘how did they meet’ story/planning that often slows down and complicates the group.
2-b) There will be no age or gender restriction. If you want to be a 16-year old cheerleader, go ahead. Want to be a single mom in her mid-30s? That’s fine too. You want to play an 83-year old cat lady? Mazel tov.
2-c) Character occupations – Think small town. Café owner. Baker. Arts and crafts store owner. Innkeeper. Bookstore assistant. Hairstylist. Nurse. Tour guide. B&B manager. Park ranger. Local artist. Local author. Local musician. Fisherperson. Lobsterperson. Big city transplants are also welcome addition to this.
3) Location – the town is set in Bar Harbor, ME. However, we will only use a few of its most notable locations. Everything else will be fictionalized and up to our imaginations and creativity.
3) Reading and commenting on each others set, while not mandatory, is highly encouraged. Let’s all give a few minutes of our time to appreciate the hard work that members put into their stories.
4) Sample story –
Hopefully, this story will provide you an idea of the look and feel of the town and its characters.
5) Keep checking this page for updates on characters and a collection for the town’s look and feel.


Audition Process:
― Auditions are currently by Invitation or Application Only
― Please use the following format for Character Application

name :
age | location

occupation :

style :
personality :

biography :

relationships : (please indicate status—married, single, divorced, etc)
model :
others : (tidbits or information you want to add or mention. this is OPTIONAL.)

The Locals
@lemonade-lagoon for Rory Montgomery
@vogueapparel for Ryan Alden
@spacelava for Steph Copeland
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